The Annual Sports, Cultural and Literary Fest – 2k18  of our Esteemed Institution, Shri Sathya Sai Medical College And Research Institute was scheduled  in  the  midst  of  the  summer from April 23rd to 26th. It provided a  platform  for  students  to  tap  their  potential  and  unravel their  quiescent  talents while the drums were beat and the trumpets were blown to the tunes of the dancing summer breeze! The most awaited fest,  known as   “Vyuga 2k18 – The Flame of Exuberance”  has effectively brought down  the  heat  by  a  few  notches  and  pumped-up  the  adrenaline through  this  extravagance.  It  has remarkably bestowed us  with  an unforgettable  experience  to cherish in the years to come!

The 7th of March, 2018, as seen the launch of the Sports Fest of Vyuga-2k18! The competitive sports events were a witness to the sportsmanship, team spirit, camaraderie and solidarity.

The Cultural and The Literary Fest of Vyuga-2k18, offered  another gamut  of events ranging  from  fine  arts,  literary and fun  events, brought  to  you  by  the  batch  of  2015  –  The  Warriors!

On a concluding note, the magnificence of Vyuga-2k18 has offered us a  glorious and a legendary memory to live with!


Miss. Srinidhii Murugappan

6th Semester – Third Year

Shri Sathya Sai Medical College And Research Institute

Kanchipuram District

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