The One Profession to Rule Them All – Teachers Day @ MGMCRI

“Teaching is the one profession that creates all others.” 

Teachers day this year arrived in a bouquet of roses to our institution. Paper cranes hung over the entrance, flying in midair. A heart-shaped board stood fluttering with dozens of letters addressed to our beloved professors- our mentors, thanking them for their hard work, their lessons that had shaped us become the young doctors-to-be we are today. From first-year faculty to final-year faculty, none were forgotten or left behind in the outpouring of love. As 3:30 drew near, as our professors were ushered into the lecture hall with red roses and candy, students waited with bated breath, with excitement.

The Teachers day celebration event was graced by not only our beloved professors, but also our Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Professor S.C. Parija, our Dean of Faculty Professor Ananthakrishnan, our Registrar Professor A.R. Srinivasan, our Dean of MGMCRI Professor M. Ravishankar and Emeritus Professor of General Surgery Professor Robinson Smile, as well as our Vice Principal- Students Professor Partha Nandi. We were addressed by the dignitaries, who shared not only their words of wisdom, but also their memories, their experiences- invaluable to us students, who had assembled to listen. It is through their guidance that we grow and mature into better professionals, into better students.

However, the evening was not only filled by solemn speeches! The students had also planned engaging games to make the evening a truly memorable one. Our professors were recruited into an entertaining round of dumb charades, where everyone had a great laugh enacting ever-popular movies. We even had a round of connection, where students and professors alike picked their brains, competing to be the first to come up with answers.

Laughter and food brings hearts closer, so we ended the gathering with refreshments, a smile on every face, a fond memory stored away for the future.

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