World Environment Day @ MGMCRI

World Environment Day 2018

On the occasion of world environment day an awareness rally was conducted by MGMCRI in Bahour Village


Awareness Rally in Bahour Village
Swachh Bharat Summer Internship Programme Awareness Campaign

  On the occasion of world environment day 2018 (05th June 2018) and as a part of our Swachh Bharat Summer Internship Programme, we started our day by organizing a Village level Awareness Rally. The theme of the Rally was the same as that of World Environment Day 2018, being ‘Planet or Plastic?’ and Swachhata, trying to make people aware about the ever-increasing plastic pollution and un-hygienic conditions all around. The motto of the rally was to create awareness about the harm caused to ourselves and our environment due to the waste we produce, to promote and motivate people for proper waste management and waste collection, to promote the use of toilets and to promote construction of toilets.

   The rally was held in Bahour village, wherein we walked through the entire village OF BAHOUR, trying to spread the word and motivate people to reduce the usage of plastic and giving them tips to reduce plastic pollution. Along with that, we gave a message about general cleanliness, promoted use of toilets, proper waste management and to fulfill Mahatma Gandhiji’s dream of a clean India, hoping that people follow us and march on the path of ‘Swacch Bharat’. Along with us, i.e the Swacch Bharat Summer Programme Interns, NSS volunteers of Mahatma Gandhi medical college and research institute, NSS wing of Kasturba Gandhi nursing college, school students of Bharati Higher Secondary School, Bahour Commune Panchayat officials, Local NGOs and Village public participated in the rally. It was a village-school-college rally having 200+ participants.

Environmental Day Awareness Rally
Environmental Day Awareness Rally

The rally was inaugurated by Chief Guest Mrs. N.Danavelu, Member of Legislative Assembly, Bahour constituency. The rally was graced by the presence of chief guests or (headed by ) Mr. G.Savoundirarajan, commissioner, Bahour commune panchayat and Dr. Partha Nandi, Vice Principal, MGMCRI. It was coordinated by Mr. Avinash G., NSS Campus Ambassador, MGMCRI. The rally went peacefully and we hope our words reached the masses.

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