HARRY POTTER TRIVIA – For Potter Club Fans

INSTRUCTIONS: Use your memory and don’t refer internet or see movies to solve this:

Criteria to categorize performance of the participants:

  1. Score ≤ 7: Amoeba
  2. Score 7-13: Mimosa Pudica
  3. Score 14-19: Power Ranger
  4. Score ≥ 20: Hermione Granger


  1. Under what 3 circumstances, portkey can be used in the world of magic?
  2. Which professor held the post for Defence against dark teacher for almost 50 years?
  3. Second most powerful dark wizard after Tom Riddle
  4. Name of the Ghost of Slytherin’s House
  5. What name did Horace kept for the fish presented to him by Lily
  6. Omens of misfortune refers to _______
  7. In which year at Hogwarts non-verbal incantations are taught?
  8. Name the shampoo invented by Professor Lockhart
  9. Who was the Headmaster when Chambers of Secret was opened for the first time?
  10. Name 2 things, which have a fatal cry
  11. Mention the 3 flaws of the Marauder Map
  12. Name of the graveyard where Cedric Diggory was killed
  13. Alohomora Charm is taught in which chapter of the Standard books of spell?
  14. Name the student who got expelled from Hogwart’s, and was later killed
  15. Who damaged Moody’s eye?
  16. Which vault at Gringott’s bank had Harrys money?
  17. Rita Skeeter can transform into which animagus form?
  18. Who all from Hogwart’s can participate in the Yule’s Ball?
  19. Which two things keep Nargles away?
  20. In which year did Dumbledore set the curtains of Gryffindor room on fire while he was a student?
  21. What was the name of the potion to bring luck to an individual?
  22. At what age the process of immortality began for Voldemort?
  23. Other than Dementors, Patronus charm can be used against what?
  24. What was the name of the cat owned by Filch?
  25. Who sent Sirius Black to Azkaban without conducting the trial?






  1. Wizards who
  2. a) Cannot apparate,
  3. b) Who wish to travel by daylight (which cannot happen through broomsticks, Thestrals, flying cars or dragons – as they are inappropriate in daytime),
  4. c) Whose destination has no fireplace, so no point in using Floo powder
  5. Galatea Merrythought (1895-1945)
  6. Gellert Grindewald
  7. Bloody Baron
  8. Francis
  9. Thestral
  10. Sixth year
  11. Occamy egg yolk shampoo
  12. Armando Dippet
  13. Mandrakes and Banshee
  14. a) It cannot differentiate people who bear similar names
  15. b) It does not seem to show unplottable rooms (like Room of Requirement)
  16. c) The Chamber of Secrets never appeared on the map
  17. Little Hangleton
  18. Chapter 7
  19. Colin Creevey
  20. Evan Rosier
  21. 687
  22. Beetle
  23. Students from fourth year and above
  24. Butterbeer Cork Necklace and Dirigible Plum Earrings
  25. Fourth year
  26. Felix Felicis
  27. 16 years
  28. Lethifolds
  29. Norris
  30. Bartemius Crouch Senior

-By a Novice fan of Harry Potter

Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava

Vice Principal – Curriculum

Associate Professor

Department Of Community Medicine

Shri Sathya Sai Medical College & RI

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