Cultural Performance for UGC

A cultural program was organized on the 15th of December as an opportunity for the students to showcase their talents. It was attended by  Shri. M. K. Rajagopalan , Chancellor, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth; Professor N. Ananthakrishnan, Dean of faculty, Research and Allied health sciences; Professor M. Ravishankar, Dean, Faculty of medicine, MGMCRI; Professor P. F. Kotur, Dean,  Satya Sai Medical College; Professor Renuka K, Principal of KGNC and Professor Saravanakumar, Principal IGIDS.

The event was arranged mainly in honor of the UGC expert committee – Prof. O. P. Kalra, Prof. Ashok Kumar Sau, Prof. Padmaja, Prof. Manoj Kumar Singh, Prof. R. P. Luthra, Dr. Ramachandra and Dr. G. Srinivas.

It was an evening composed of myriad performances including dances from Arunachal Pradesh and Kerala and musical performances by CMTER and CYTER.

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