I could make a very good argument that “women’s day” is; in reality, the antithesis of feminism.

Curious why?

Take one look at the cheesy forward messages that have probably flooded your inbox by now:

All proclaiming “respect” for women as “mothers, wives ,daughters and sisters”

And this is where we roll our eyes.

Because your internalized privilege has convinced you to believe that women, who constitute a major chunk of the human race, only deserve “respect” because of the way we relate to you.

Even in respecting us; you have centralised yourself.

Maybe this is why you “respect” women more for how they look rather than for who they are-for looks appeal more to you

And, in this aspect; the concept of “respect” has been so undermined, there is no respect to it anymore.

Which is why we do not demand your respect.

We do not demand your respect, worship, admiration, appreciation or love. Please reserve those for people who deserve it.

The rest of us, however, demand nothing but your acceptance.

Acceptance ; that we are people trying to navigate a difficult world-just like you.

That we have thoughts and dreams and opinions, just as worthy as yours are.

That we deserve education and opportunities and some degree of control over the two.

That we are women if we want to be ,no matter what combination of chromosomes we harbour in our cells.

That our beauty is not measured by your standards.

That our beliefs, the colour of our skin and the country of our birth should not alter our value as human beings

That our love is valid- Even if it does not confirm to your idea of love.

Accept, that for want of strength in numbers ,voice or body; we do not deserve to have you thrust upon us-opinions, or organs.

Accept, that you need us just as we need you. And that this neediness stems from coexistence rather than dependence.

Accept- that no woman deserves to fear anything other than her own conscience.

But “Women’s day”,as it is today, is not about acceptance.

It is the celebration of hypocrisy, and of the undermined concept of respect.

It is the celebration of subtle slavery.  

 – Seshaini Ashok 


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