“Black is hot! Black is sexy! Black is handsome! Black is beauty! Black is eerie! Black is majestic! Black is everything”, they say .Recall that they also say, “Oh no! She isn’t as beautiful as you, don’t see you, she is darker”, “She isn’t that fair, why is she THE girl of that batch?”, “Did she lose her eyes? Why did she fall for such a dark guy?”, “Can’t you show pictures of some fairer men? My daughter is a bit fair”. You should understand that the above stated lines are told by the very same people. So, if you like black so much, why go ‘holy duckling’ on shades of people! Honestly, all of this society is so narrow-minded on the facet of racism. There is always a comparison and a question of colour when one describes the beauty of a beloved and it becomes tacit to draw the particulars of the shade of that person especially if he/she is in any way involved in a commitment or even say , a date. Needless to talk about weddings. I’m just curious to know whether this is prevalent in the same degree in other parts of the world. Obscene is the latitude here when you get to the aspect of racism. Yes people, this is about racism. “Duh ? Does it still exist in this modern century?” Of course it does, in every sphere of this society. I experience it everyday. Every freaking day, yep, you read that right! Let me ask you something. I’m confused, like someone-hit-my-head-with-a-hammer-confused, because of a lot of questions related to this issue. Oh did I use “ISSUE”? Is it disturbing? I’m sorry it is, because it has always been a very serious social issue and a concern for so many. So let me shoot out the questions.

#1) Who told that, you can relate beauty and colour? Or should I use race? (More appropriate, yeah!) Oh yeah? YOU, sophisticated human, you do that a lot. If you truly don’t, then give me five! You’d probably expect me to say that ‘I’m proud of you, but I’m not, because this is not something heavenly. This is how a human should be. But yeah, who is behaving ‘human’ these days? So be a little bit proud of yourself for being human. So getting to the top of the noose, colour and beauty are two different things. Why do you need colour anyway to be beautiful? I just don’t get it! After all, appearance is just a cover. Not trying to sound philosophical here, isn’t that true? Because, beauty (only externally) doesn’t depend on the shade! It just makes you a very judgemental person when you mix up the two. So yeah , next time someone brings up the context of your shade when the topic of your beauty pops up, just walk over to them, and smile to say, “Bravo, shame on you!”

#2) Well this is for the dark people themselves. You are dark, yep, I said that. I wasn’t being racist. Wipe that perplexed reaction off your face, I’ll explain. It’s just a shade, relax. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being brown or black or dark, okay? Trust me. There are bigger things to worry about. To be honest, would you score a higher rank in class if you were a bit fairer? You would have got a better partner if you were fairer? You don’t need that person! Or say, any good thing would have happened if there was a change of degree of your shade?

You got to come out of this strange loop of inferiority complex that you have gotten into. I know that loop was formed by peers and people around you but you jumped into it human, you voluntarily did. And look, what it has done? It has made you so much weaker. It has brought down your confidence level to the bottom. It has made you feel sad for unnecessary things. It has made you lose humpty number of good opportunities. It has even plunged in your self esteem to hit low standards. For some people, it has even made you hate yourselves. Oh! Sometimes, you blame the genes and hurt your parents, don’t you? Unfathomable effects right? You aren’t going to become fair by worrying, or even say weeping (Yeah, tears can do wonders, but not in this case, I’m sorry) I

have a lot of friends who are dark yet cute, hot and also handsome. Well, what if you were born fair and with ugly features? You would attempt suicide? Be comfortable with yourself with that colour of yours! Be happy and satisfied and smile now, like you are a hot mannequin. Oh! Smile like those dark Indian mannequins, I’d be much happier. There you go, thanks!

Set aside the snark repurcussions of this aspect of life. I have always felt an epidemic of racism has set in into the human race and never left. There is only one race here, HUMANS, Us! Domineering yet the truth of being comfortable in your own complexion is the best insist that you can tell yourself. All this is an obligation from a dark girl with an unflinching belief in you that you’d be

‘dark and proud’, from at least now on!

– By

Miss Shruthi Ganesh

6th Semester – Third Year

Shri Sathya Sai Medical College & RI

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