A wake up call for the human race

It’s beyond us how inanimate abstract of religions and fictitious boundaries on the land could do enough to provoke an ignorant soul to fight against his fellow counterparts. We’ve seen innocent men dying and enduring endless suffering, as a consequence of the foolishness of the so called honourable men who go to any extent to prove their so called superiority. Ranging from jihadists to leaders of the country, the list is endless. In a planet where men strive to uplift the humanity there’s a darker side, shadowed by the clouds of hatred and intolerance. Let’s not look into causes of war and destruction because it’s a bottomless abyss. History speaks so much of those estranged men who wage wars for their personal interests. Let’s not just be wishful thinkers mocking them. Every Grenade that’s exploding in this god given land is a wake-up call for us to change ourselves and restore the faith in humanity. It’s time to crush the disgraceful anti human forces with the mighty hands of universal brotherhood .humanity shall never die!

– By

Mr. Arul Anand

8th Semester – Fourth Year

Shri Sathya Sai Medical College & RI

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