She is born. Pampered by Parents and Grandparents?! Throughout……. Taught her to walk, speak, and think.  Enters School. Scheduled life as Toddler – Both at School and at home by Teachers and Parents. Sprouting Creativity and Inquisitiveness stunned majority of times.

Expectations galore around her when she reaches 10th and 12th. Panic about exams and Career driven courses. Memory clouded with Other’s choices, Opinions, Decisions, Ideas and Expectations. Dance to the tune of Others’ Whims and Fancies all time.

Steps into the College. Alien Atmosphere and Academics. How to adjust and Accept… Pressurised by Administration, Faculties and Parents. Deviation by Peer Pressure. Completes the College and lands up in a Job for survival!, Of course, NOT TO LIVE!!!

Mechanical/Robotic life round the Clock adhering to the meaningless rules of Companies/Institutions etc… Parents choose a Groom as per their Choices and Expectations for her. Marital life- She compromises on several issues….Sacrifices and Travels the life for the sake of Hubby, In-laws?! And Children Throughout…………..

Affected with Time and Age related ailments, Succumbs to the same and medications too as per the choice of Family, Relatives, Doctors, Google Scholar etc….Lands up in Isolation or at Destitute homes with their kith and Kin devoted to the so called lucrative abroad careers or else chucked out of beloved homes. Since expressing affection, Care and concern towards the Parents has become a disguising burden, Other choice of her is to play the dedicated role of Geriatric Robotic AAyaa to her Grandchildren.

Has she lived her one Short LIFE, in this world since her BIRTH?! She is Ruled, Dictated, Ordered and Emotionally Blackmailed. She just survived Throughout Dancing to the tunes and Voices of Others Anywhere, Anytime…

Is this the Living?! Is this the meaning of her Life?! Living Others’ dreams?! Till her last Breath!!!?

Sit Back and Linger………….

All her Originality lost! Individuality taken back seat!! Her Passions, Creativity, Intuition, Tiny joys and Aspirations brutally submerged at every stage of life!

Ultimately what did she gain?! Endless Abuses, Criticisms, Ailments, Stress, Depressions, Boredom, Compromises and Thankless Sacrifices…….

Replace She with He! Same Scenario whether He or She!!!

Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication. To live Life without Hassels and with lavish Freedom. Be the  Ruler of your own Dynasty – KING/QUEEN.

Be Selfish and Live Your Own by being Oneself (Himself/Herself)) – 70%.

Be Selfish with your Passions, Hobbies, Tiny joys, Imperfections, Breaking the rules and norms of Life, Traversing everywhere with your Comfort Style – 70%

Remaining 30% – for your Family, Relatives, Profession, Friends, Society etc.

Just try this 70:30 ratio as a Life’s Mantra!

One short LIFE (His /Her) verily to be a smooth flow like a river …………………………………….without Hiccups and Guilty conscious!!!


Dr. Balaji Rajagopalan

Head Of The Department

Department of Biochemistry

Shri Sathya Sai Medical College & RI

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