My Poor Student (Child), who looked from

worrying eyes

And moved and spoke with “Torturing Doubts” –

About NEET

Having disobeyed my stern warning to read,

I shouted at him, and, with harsh words,

Told him to read in demonstrator’s room

His batch complete, his friends having fled,

His Brains (totally wounded), now almost dead.

Then, fearing, lest his grief should hinder his study,

I visited his room,

But found him in dead sleep,

With darkened eyelids and wet lashes,

Admist MCQ books, cell-phone and a pile of books.

He had put within his reach

To Comfort his sad heart,

And I, with moaning heart,

Kissing away his tears, left others of my own!



Dr. N.Venkatadri

Head Of The Department

Department Of Pharmacology

Shri Sathya Sai Medical College & RI

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